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Inventive Homes are the sole UK distributer of Laundry Jet.
Use a vacuum to transport your clothing.

Laundry Jet is vacuum driven, our patent pending system allows clothing from anywhere in your home to be quickly sent to the laundry room. With it's 'Smart Sensors', Laundry Jet provides a complete clothing detection system. You can maintain the design of your beautiful home with wall mounted or 'in cabinet' units. New or existing construction projects? No problem! Our team can help with any type of build.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions

How does Laundry Jet fit into your room?

Laundry Jet unit mounted in a house

Standard Wall Mount

Wall mounted Laundry Jet vacuum units come without cabinets in either black or white for the laundry/utility room.
Laundry Jet in a cabinet in a house

Cabinet Mounted

Customise your 'Insert Version' Laundry Jet with your own cabinet.
Laundry Jet port in a house

Port Mounted

White port with blue led metal start button and cable connection. Need a custom wall port color? Get in touch to discuss the options.

How does Laundry Jet work?

The Laundry Jet home vacuum laundry delivery system can revolutionise your laundry room. Laundry Jet is not restricted by location and works in bungalows, single story and multi story homes or commercial premises. Regardless of physical location, our unique vacuum laundry chute design makes it possible to have multiple laundry port locations in your home that send laundry instantly to the laundry room.

The conventional laundry chute only works in a downward direction and is therefore restricted to two or more story homes. What if the perfect location for the laundry room isn’t on the ground floor?

This is not the case with our state-of-the-art vacuum laundry chute. Whether you have a single or multi story home, Laundry Jet will transport your laundry up, down, and around to wherever you want. Our amazing laundry room appliance will change your laundry system for ever, more tidy and more free time for you and your family!
Laundry Jet pipework in a house

Installing Laundry Jet

The Laundry Jet installation comprises of three elements:
  • Laundry Jet Ports mounted in bedrooms, dressing rooms or bathrooms
  • The laundry room 'Wall mounted' or 'Cabinet' Vacuum Unit
  • The PVC pipe and fittings that connect the ports to the laundry room

Vacuum Laundry Pipe

Laundry Jet uses 159mm rigid PVC vacuum pipe and fittings. When the Laundry Jet is in use it creates a strong vacuum that would deform regular ridged piping.

The PVC vacuum piping is designed to have a smooth transition between fittings and connections to ensure that clothing, bedding and towels will travel smoothly to the laundry room.

Vacuum Pipe & Fittings
  • Six Inch white vacuum pipe 10' x 6”
  • Six Inch 45 Fitting
  • Six Inch Y Fitting
  • Port 90 custom fitting
  • Clean Out Cap
Laundry Jet systems can be designed for almost any sized home from 1 to 20+ bedrooms, bathrooms and closets by adding additional ports and or additional Laundry Jet appliances.

Download the Installation Guide

View the Port Installation Video
Laundry Jet house plan

Laundry Jet Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Laundry Jet is protected by a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty is valid from the date of purchase, for as long as you are the original owner, and the system remains at its original place of installation and as long as the warranty form has been completed at our website.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on metal body.
  • 2 year standard warranty on the Laundry Jet VacPac Power Unit
  • Vacuum Ports 3 year warranty
  • Switches and LEDS 3 year warranty

Should any defect in material or workmanship appear within the time of the above warranty, the selling Laundry-Jet Dealer should be contacted in the first instance. The Dealer shall repair or replace (at Laundry Jet’s sole option), or credit, such part or parts in accordance with the applicable warranty period stated above. Life Flow LLC – Laundry Jet shall not be responsible for such service unless provided by an authorized Laundry Jet Dealer utilizing authentic Laundry Jet replacement parts.

This warranty does not apply to loss or damage resulting from (at Laundry Jet’s sole discretion) normal wear and tear, vacuum of drywall dust, neglect, abuse acts of God, accidents, improper installation, improper modification or alteration, improper use and operation or failure to provide proper maintenance.

For specific warranty information for your Country, consult your authorized Laundry Jet Dealer.

Other warranties apply to other parts of this equipment and optional accessories. Please contact the material accompanying the individual items.


Extended warranties are available at the time of purchase.
Laundry Jet house plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What if my children put toys or shoes into the Laundry Jet ports in their rooms?

A – As with any appliance, you must always follow proper instructions and procedures when operating the Laundry Jet. Laundry Jet ports can be installed at any height to deny access to small children. In addition the system is designed so that if a toy or other item is stuck in the port it must always pass through a hard turn and incline to enter the system. Dense items do not have enough surface area to pass through the system and will simply remain at the entrance and the system will shut down until the item is removed. All other items that pass through the initial port will simply move through the system and will be delivered to the laundry room.

Q- My house is already built. Can the Laundry Jet be retrofitted into an existing home?

A- Retrofitting the laundry jet into an existing home is a straightforward process. All transport lines are run through the open attic and then drop into existing closet space or into suitable existing subwalls. See the installation instructions for more information.

Q- I have a one story home. Can Laundry Jet still work for me ?

A- Laundry Jet was first invented with single story homes in mind. As it uses a powerful vacuum, Laundry Jet can move clothes up down and around. So even if you have your Laundry room on the same floor as your bedrooms or bathrooms, Laundry Jet will transport your items.

Q- I want to install laundry Jet in an assisted living home or hotel. Does it only work for residential, individual or family homes?

A- Laundry Jet commercial units are designed to handle heavy duty applications. These systems allow the transport of laundry over long distances (400 feet) as well as the ability to incorporate multiple Jet Pack devices for delivery to various laundry processing locations as required for multiple large numbers of separate rooms. Contact us to discuss commercial installation requirements.

Q- My home has multiple floors. Can we install the Laundry Jet?

A- Yes, the Laundry Jet can work with multi and single story homes no matter the floor location of the laundry room. Laundry can be transported up to 150 feet.

Q- What happens if my clothing gets stuck in the laundry system?

A- The laundry jet system is designed to keep items that will not pass through the entire system from successfully entering the system at the ports. If an item does get caught it simply restricts the suction in the system to any port located behind the blockage. Because of this it is easy to locate and remove blockages if one does occur. Blockages can be removed by snaking the system from the nearest port. A simple standard pipe unblocking snake device is available at time of purchase. However in 99 percent of cases, blockages can be cleared more easily by providing back pressure to the nearest port while the system is engaged, doubling the directional push force. A Port blower is also available at the time of purchase. Blockages are very unlikely as confirmed by six years of in field testing and only take minutes to clear if they do occur. Finally there is a “clear out cap” on the last “Y” connector to allow a clear out without accessing the port if it is necessary.

Q- My laundry room is upstairs and my bedrooms are downstairs. Can the Laundry Jet send clothing upwards?

A- Yes, the Laundry Jet can send clothing up, sideways and down from multiple locations.

Q- How many laundry ports can we install?

A- A standard Laundry Jet will easily handle 5-6 laundry ports and more (depending on the total length of pipe) but can be upgraded to any number with additional Wall Mount or Cabinet Insert vacuum units and ports as required.

Q- Will the Laundry Jet consume a lot of electricity?

A- No, the Laundry Jet is designed with smart clothing sensors that detect clothing being fed into the port. During this time the Laundry Jet will run but once the system detects no further items after ten seconds it will automatically shut down. In normal use the Laundry Jet will just be taking a few items at a time as you discard them so will never be running for extended periods.

Q- Can I send laundry back to my room with the Laundry Jet?

A- No , not yet.

Q- Can the Laundry Jet separate dark and light clothing?

A- No, Not yet.

Q- My laundry room is in my garage. Can I install the Laundry Jet in the garage?

A- Yes, the Laundry Jet can be installed where ever you do your laundry as long as there is access and a power outlet.

Q- My home has a slab foundation. Can I install the Laundry Jet?

A- Yes, the Laundry Jet trunk lines all run through the attic space and don’t require any foundation work to install.

Q- Does the Laundry Jet make a lot of noise?

A- The Laundry Jet wall mounted unit will make some wind noise when in use but you can vent outside or back up to the attic to reduce noise if required. The standard jet pack has an air diffuser to reduce wind and noise in the house. The Laundry Jet ports do not make any significant noise in the home.

Q- Can I choose the color of my Laundry Jet?

A- Yes, our laundry ports come in two colors: white and black

Q- Can I install the Laundry Jet myself?

A- Yes, this product was designed with medium to advanced experience DIY’ers in mind.

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Laundry chutes (sometimes misspelt laundry shoots, shutes or Linen shoots) from Inventive homes, help make your laundry (or washing) cycle easier. A laundry chute quickly gets dirty laundry from upstairs to downstairs, eliminating hassle, and risk of hazard. Can be fitted into an existing house or a new build. We have three ranges of products.

We provide and fit laundry chutes. We can provide a quote within 48 hours. Delivery of laundry chute parts is usually next day and we can install it for you or you can do the installation yourself.

We offer a range of products to suit your budget. All our laundry chute are stocked in the UK, are maintenance free and come with guarantees, and for complete safety 1 Hour UK fire rated laundry chute doors and tamperproof locks fitted as standard - child and pet safe.

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